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Questions and answers

The ultimate aim of the art of karate lies not in victory or defeat, but in the perfection of the characters of its participants.
Mas Oyama
Founder of Kyokushin karate
What is Kyokushin?
This is a karate style created in the 1950s by a legendary Japanese master Masutatsu Oyama. Kyokushin is considered an elite school of karate, the most difficult and tough style. Contemporary school inherits the best Budo traditions. Kyokushin is translated as an "Absolute Truth". It is the peak of martial arts for those who study, cognize and choose the Path.

How popular is Kyokushin in the world?
The school of Kyokushin karate attracts representatives of different races, creeds, ways of thinking and life styles. An unconditional value is the education of people whose heart and mind are open to a deep understanding of international, universal human values. Nowadays millions of people on all continents practice Kyokushin.
What is the difference between Kyokushin and other martial arts?
Kyokushin karate is characterized by complexity and rigidity. Each hook is powerful and aimed at defeating the target. This is always a contact sparring, so that the fear of injury during training makes the weak to choose a less rigid school. This is a military art that has nothing to do with fun.
What is necessary for Kyokushin classes?
Training is held in a hall - dojo, for classes you need to have a form called dogi. Dogi consists of a jacket - uwagi and trousers - shitabaki and also a belt - obi. Shoes are not needed, most classes are held barefoot. To practice technical actions in training, protective equipment is used.
What skills are acquired thanks to Kyokushin classes?
Training system includes mastering basic techniques - kihon, performing formal exercises - kata, practice of free fighting - kumite and breaking solid objects - tameshivari. Thanks to special training methods, a trainee acquires excellent self-defense skills, both with and without weapon. Kyokushin is accessible and useful for men and women of all ages.
What qualities does Kyokushin develop?
Kyokushin training system makes the highest demands on the discipline, physical, functional and willpower training. Trainees of the school challenge the boundaries of human capabilities, by developing coordination, strength, endurance, flexibility. While acquiring confidence in personal power, the ability to be the master of himself, to act clearly and precise, a trainee develops a strong personality and acquires a noble sense of respect for people.
Where to start the path of Budo from?
Thanks to the followers of the style, Kyokushin is developing and rapidly replenishes with different versions and sub-schools that have common fundamentals, differing only in certain features in the basic technique and competition rules. In the world of martial arts Kyokushin is represented by various federations and schools in more than 140 countries.