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"I dreamed of a black belt and championship"

Vitold Petrovsky
Russian Vitold Petrovsky is a rare representative of show business, who at the same time successfully combines his activities with the martial arts. We were interested to learn from him how it happened.
Tell about your way in Kyokushin. At what age did you start studying, how did you come to the dojo?
— I came to Kyokushin karate at the age of 17 (unfortunately I did not know about this kind of sport before). From the first workout, I realized that I really like this style! - hard, powerful!
Those with whom you trained together, later left Kyokushin or they continue to practice?
— Many people always come to this sport, but not all of them linger. Someone can not bear the load and throws a couple of months. Someone is delayed for a year, and someone can not imagine myself without this interesting sport.
What did you dream about when you were doing karate? Get a black belt? Become a champion? What goals did you set for yourself?
— Of course, I dreamed of a black belt and championship. But at the moment I have achieved only one goal - the first black belt is given. And I hope this is not the limit. Goals there.
Did you have any idols among famous fighters?
— Idols? Well, who does not have them? :) Of course! And there are a lot of them! Among the most obvious are Lechi Kurbanov, Artyom Nazaretyan, Farid Kasumov, Ashot Zarinyan and many others.
Did you choose between the career of an athlete or a singer?
— There was a time when I had to choose between the career of a singer and Karate. Now I am busy with music, but this does not mean that I forgot about Karate. Kyokushin is forever!
Did you use Kyokushin lessons in your life?
— Not without it. Sometimes it was necessary to include skills outside the dojo, but only for good purposes.
How do you keep up your form? Do you have time for Kyokushin?
— Yes, of course! When there is a weekend in the concert schedule, I am always in the training process.
Are there any Russian singers who also practiced Kyokushin?
— I can't say exactly, but it seems that Alexander Borisovich Gradsky was engaged in Kyokushin Karate youth.
Do you have any favorite Kyokushin actions and strikes?
— Oh, yes! My signature reception is Ushiro-Mawashi-Geri-Dzedan.
Besides Kyokushin, are you interested in other sports?
— Yes, I am interested in many wrestling sports - this is boxing, and mixed martial arts, and kudo.
What are your plans and goals for the near future in your musical career?
— Well, first of all, I want to release a long-awaited solo album. And in the future - to do everything I can as much as possible! I want to leave behind a mark in the history of music.
Short questions:
What is the point of defeat?
I think defeat is a wonderful situation in life in order to understand what is the core of you. What will you choose after the defeat? - break down and quit everything, or strive to work on mistakes to develop your skills further.
Kyokushin taught me ...
Kyokushin taught me not to give up, to go to the end, to be persistent, to be prudent, wise...
The best place on Earth?
The best place that on earth, where there are no people with a negative premise. A place where happiness and goodness reigns.
It seems to me that Kyokushin in 10 years ...
It seems to me that in 10 years Kyokushin will finally enter the Olympic system!
Thanks to Vitold for an interesting story. We wish him success in his musical career and the most important thing is not to forget Kyokushin. OSU!
Photo: Courtesy of Vitold Petrovsky