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"Spain is one of the most powerful countries in the world of Kyokushin"

Oscar Nevado
The Spanish kickboxer and karateka Oscar Nevado for his career won many awards. About his great career, the differences between kickboxing from Kyokushin and training in the mountains, he told in an interview with APPKANKU.
You trained and competed in Kyokushin and kickboxing competitions. Tell us, how did you manage to combine two different martial arts?
— I started the practice of Shotokan Karate at the age of 8 and I already understood the value of the meaning of karate, my teacher had to stop for health reasons and I took refuge in a dojo where kyokushin was practiced, so it was a little coincidence.
Kyokushin is a tight clinch, hard punches on the body and low kicks. And what kind of kickboxing? Is it hard to adapt?
— The adaptation was good for me, I trained specifically for each type of competition, adapting myself well to the different types of competition: I participated in karate competitions for points, the world karate federation, at a national level, different types of Kickboxing and after Kyokushin. Definitively, Martial Arts are adaptation.
You have made great strides in kickboxing. Do you regret something you did not achieve in Kyokushin?
— When you are in all kinds of championships you are already preparing for everything that can come, kickboxing is very dynamic, and kyokushin really is very hard mentally and physically. Finally you adapt more to your opponent than to the style, and play with the rules!
Tell about your coach.
— My teacher is Javier Lezcano, one of the best international competitors of karate kyokushin and champion of the world of Katas.
Javier Lezcano
What achievement do you consider the greatest in Kyokushin in your career?
— Well, I would have liked to go to a world cup, unfortunately I had a heart problem, so I had to leave it step by step.

I'm sure it was a professional fight that was made in Geneva, with 7,000 spectators, during the great show of "The Fight Code", with some of the best european kickboxers and MMA fighters, my opponent was Sacha Decosterd (IBK Kyokushin world champion).

I lost by points, but being there was more than an achievement, surrounded by so many people, including great teachers like Hanshi Claudio Alessi or Hanshi Alain Setrouk, who came to congratulate us.

Now Kyokushin has combats of this type, but in those time it was considered a novelty in the international circuit of Kyokushin, and great honor for me.
Sacha Decosterd vs Oscar Nevado
What character trait helped you to achieve success?
— My personality.
What is the level of Kyokushin in Spain? How many people are engaged in this martial art?
— Spain is one of the most powerful countries in the world of Kyokushin, names like Navarro, Redondo, Tineo, Estensoro, Gasteldiani, Eciolaza … and a lot of more are part of the Kyokushin world history. Also Spain has greats masters since the the 60's, Its one of the oldest international delegations of Mas Oyama's Kyokushinkai in the world.

Now, with a lot of divisions, a lot of people train and fight in this style. It's very nice that now all of them begin to work together again!
Luchadores de kyokushin españoles
Do you have an idol among famous fighters, to whom you are equal?
— Andy Hug, I think it's one of my favorites, but I don´t follow any guidelines, I think we each have our own style and that's what makes us different.
You have good kicking technique. Open the secret and features of training.
— Well, I think all the leg techniques are important, I usually train with 4kg on each leg to the bag, to the pao or in the air.
Kick training
Judging by the photos, you like to train in the mountains. Tell us about your outdoor activities, how do they go?
— It's comforting, as long as I can I like to go to the mountains to train, although here it's always raining!
Which of the victories is the most important for you? Both in the ring and in life.
— In the ring, as in life, the most important thing for me was to be a Kickboxing World Champion, it was a dream since I started doing Karate when I was 8 years old. for me in life I feel fortunate for the people around me and always support me like my parents, my wife and my friends.
What are your hobbies? What is the usual life of Oscar Nevado?
— I like to ride a motorcycle and Netflix. I have an electrician job and in the afternoons I teach kickboxing classes.
Now you're a coach. Tell us about your studies. What instructions would you give to the younger generation?
— The classes are very dynamic and go in direction to all kinds of people depending on what goals each one wants to reach. To the younger generation, I tell them that whatever their dream may be, it can be achieved with perseverance, perseverance and enthusiasm.
Will we see Nevado, Jr. on the world arenas in the future?
— Surely haha, it's something I'd like.
Short questions:
What is the point of defeat?
There is no point of defeat.
Kyokushin taught me ...
To have a strong heart.
The best place on Earth?
Under the stars.
It seems to me that Kyokushin in 10 years ...
It seems to me that the dynamic is that more than one organization will come together and be less divided.
We wish Oscar that his students will achieve the same success as he himself. OSU!
Photo: Courtesy of Oscar Nevado