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"I am inspired by Daniel Sanchez"

Nicolas Valdivia
We talked with the representative of Chile Nicholas Valdivia about Kyokushin in his country, performances in Europe, about present victories and future ones.
We want to know about your way to Kyokushin. How and when did you start studying?
— I started to train at the age of 3 years in another style since my whole family was a karate and since I was very young I was taught karate and I started in my father's dojo.
You are now at the training camp at Winter Camp. Tell more about it camp.
— The winter camp is something that is being done a couple of years ago here in Chile and is very good in what is union and learning, it is always helpful to meet with different WKB dojos and see how they are working in kumite and katas.
You do and teach in Mushin Dojo. Tell about your dojo.
— Mushin Dojo started now in March of this year, it is a very new dojo but we are already having positive results, there was a national championship in which Mushin Dojo participated and we obtained a 2nd National place in the category of novices -80 kg.
How are your trainings going? What do you pay more attention to?
— Right now I am resuming the high intensity workouts since I suffered an injury to my left hand, specifically in the tendons. I pay more attention right now to what the kumite go, I'm trying to try new things, techniques that take place.
Summer camp WKB
What is the level of Kyokushin in Chile? How many Chileans choose this martial art?
— The level of Chilean karate is very high and every time it goes higher, there are many Chileans who practice Kyokushin karate, I could not say how many exactly but they are enough.
Who do you think is the best Kyokushin fighter in the history of Chile? And in the world?
— In Chile I could not choose a favorite, there are many fighters of different fighting styles, but on a global level I have it more than clear that he was one of the people who inspired me to strengthen myself in the kumite with his fights over the internet was shihan Daniel Sanchez.
Nicolas Valdivia with Daniel Sanchez
What achievement in your adult career do you consider to be the most significant?
— The change of category from juvenile to adult was very hard since I started to fight with adults at age 17 and with that same age I won the championship that until now is the most important which was the "All American Cup WKB 2017" in which there were many very strong competitors.
You took 3rd place in the European Cup 2017, becoming the only non-European prize-winner. How did this tournament go for you?
— It was a very big and high level championship, I was the only one on the podium that was not European and it was a very long and exhausting trip and it was more than clear that the fights would be tough. I won two fights and lost the semi-final against a Russian fighter, who was champion. It was a very profitable trip and I would repeat it.
Tell about your free time and hobbies, what are you interested in.
— My hobbies when I'm not doing classes or training are very lazy hahaha, mostly video games and sometimes I go to the beach to surf. Right now I am interested in training as hard as possible and win the "World Cup WKB Chile 2019".
Your dream is to win the World Championship?
— More accurate question could not be hahaha, if my dream is to be Kyokushin world champion, as I said my only interest right now is to train and train until the world cup of the year that follows.
Short questions:
What is the point of defeat?
In my opinion, the point to lose a fight is to fall into the game of the other, not follow the system you have trained will lead you to lose.
Kyokushin taught me ...
That however strong you are, humility will always be present.
The best place on Earth?
I'm in love with Japan.
It seems to me that Kyokushin in 10 years ...
It will be at the top, where he always had to be.
Despite his young years, Nicholas is already a fairly titled karateka and we hope that very soon his dream will come true and he will win the world championship. OSU!
Photo: Courtesy of Nicolas Valdivia