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"Kyokushin taught me to go to the end and never give up"

Marina Skamarohova
You could see her on the poster of European Kyokushin Championships – she was the face of this tournament. For Marina, the year was a rich – a victory at the European Championship and a graduation. She told APPKANKU about how to do everything and what the girl dreams about when she won a more than once prestigious tournaments at the age of 21.
How old are you at Kyokushin? How did you come to a dojo?
— For 12 years I'm doing Kyokushin karate. In my family my mother is a sport woman that is why I chose the same lifestyle. But it was my decision doing karate. My mom even wanted me to go dancing but I sad no. So I was fetched to dojo of my first coach.
Your photo was on the official poster of the 2nd European Weight Category Karate Championships. Have you become more popular due to this?
— Without doubt it gave me more popularity. People came and asked me to take a photo with them, they told me a lot of good thing and gave me compliments.
European Weight Category Karate Championships 2018
This year you graduated from the university. It was difficult for you to combine workouts, competitions and studies?
— I have finished only the 4th course - the bachelor degree and I will study more, that's 1,5 year more. During 4 years I was an active sport girl in my university and the major person on the faculty of management. I always took part in a different competitions in my university and became a student of a year. Moreover I'm trying to study well. I can easily combine the sport, studying. Different measures in university and also coaching as I'm very active and I can't stay without doing nothing.
How many people do Kyokushin in Zaporizhia and in general in Ukraine?
— There are a lot of karate people in Zaporizhia but they are all from one federation as it is in all Ukraine. In my opinion our federation is the most powerful.
You are an instructor in the dojo in your hometown. Tell about your teaching, about your students.
— Zaporizhia isn't my native city. I came here from Krivoy Rog and I am nonresident student. I love my karate men but during the training I'm more strict with them rather than out of the hall. They think that women coaches are worse than men coaches but that's not true. They just haven't been to my training yet.
What is your favorite kata and why?
— When I was a child I loved Garyu but now I like Sushiho as it is the most powerful kata for me and it gives me inner and emotional energy. I feel the great strength during doing this kata.
Do you often get injured during competitions and training? How do you get rehabilitated?
— Not often but sometimes it happens that I vindicate myself through the modern medicine.
What do you answer when someone says that karate is not a female sport?
— The trainings incorrect it always needs powerful character strength, perseverance, force of will, soul of warrior. And if you have these qualities than that correct it is for you and it doesn't matter whether you are a boy or a girl.
Do you have a motto or a favorite inspirational expression?
— Pain is temporary - triumph is eternal. Go to the end despite everything. I am able (can) to do everything.
What are your hobbies outside of the tatami?
— I am really developed in a sport sphere figure I can play basketball, volleyball, football, ping pong, streetball. Karate is my life for me and the rest kind of sports are just passion.
You have already achieved a lot by the year 21. What are your goals now?
— I am planning to pass to the second Dan, I think I know enough and I am worthy to do it. I dreaming of becoming a champion of a world in a to sections of karate and I believe that I'll do it. I want to finish the University successfully and find a good job but also I want to train children.
Short questions:
What is the point of defeat?
My sense of defeat is that I have to make it work with my mistakes go on and become better not for somebody but for myself.
Kyokushin taught me ...
Kyokushin taught me a lot of things and I can consider a lot on these theme, but the most important is that it taught me to go to the end and never give up.
The best place on Earth?
The best place in the world is family house.
It seems to me that Kyokushin in 10 years ...
In 10 years I see Kyokushin much more stronger and even more wide scale organization. It will be an Olympic kind of sport where I would like to take part. And I am planning to do karate to the rest of my life.
Most athletes dream of performing at the Olympics – and Marina is no exception. We wish her to replenish her collection with medals from the world championships and the Olympic Games. OSU!
Photo: Courtesy of Marina Skamarohova