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"I have a lot of energy so I have to do something all the time"

Beathe Hegerland is a bright representative of Norway. In an interview for APPKANKU, she told about her training, her talisman and moving to Spain.
At what age did you come to Kyokushin? Thanks to whom did you start training?
— I started to train Kyokushin karate when I was 16 years old. I was tired of playing football and doing gymnastic for many years. And I've always had a lot of energy and wanted to try something new.
How popular is Kyokushin in Norway?
— I think Kyokushin in Norway become more and more popular. Not so popular like football or handball. But it's getting bigger.
Under whose guidance do you train?
— I train under shihan Geir Havreberg. He has always been my teacher. But for 3 months last year, I train under shihan Javier Lezkano.
Shihan Javier Lezkano
This year you were part of the Norwegian team in the Scottish Open. What kind of tournament was it? How did it go?
— Yes, I was going to Scottish Open this year too. This tournament are not so big and the level are not so high. But the fighters who goes there are good fighters with experience. It did not go so well. I was really sick 2 weeks before the tournament. But the doctor gave me permission on Monday to compete on Saturday. So I did. After 2 matches my hand was injured, so I couldn't fight the semifinals. 4th place for me!
Recount about the Kyokushin Monkey. Is this your mascot?
— My Monkey is my mascot and friend :) 2 years ago a friend of me made it. And after that Monkey has joined me in all tournaments, camps and he also moved to Spain with me for 3 months.
Tell about Etne Kyokushin Karate Club, in which you teach.
— Etne Kyokushin Karate Club is a really good club. The people there are so friendly and kind. We are a good team! And my shihan has many years of experience! We are not the biggest club in Norway. I think with children and adults we are around 50-60 members.
How do you conduct your training for children? What is your technique?
— I train the youngest children (5-10 years), they have a lot of energy! So I focus on moving the body, do techniques in a different way than just standing kicking or punches in the usual way. Trying to make it a little fun for the kids, so they forget they are training. But of course we do the typical basic Kyokushin training too. But I like to have fun and play, just like the children. So we have a lot of fun :)
What are you keen on? How do you spend your free time?
— My free time... I have a lot of energy so I have to do something all the time (running, weight training, CrossFit, mountains, etc). I hate to be alone and I love being surrounded by people (friends, kids, family etc) all the time.
What is the most important achievement in your life?
— My most important achievement in my life was moving to Vitoria (Spain) for training Kyokushin karate. I train a lot and had the best teacher and coach, shihan Javier Lezkano. With him I did two big achievement, 3rd place in European Championship and 1sr place in Oyama Cup.
What would you like to do after your career?
— After my career I hope to keep doing Kyokushin karate, running, weight training and all those things I like. But I also hope to be a great instructor for kids and fighters. Maybe for girl fighters! Or maybe as a instructor on a camp.
Short questions:
What is the point of defeat?
The point of defeat is that you always learn something and come back stronger!
The best place on Earth?
The best place on Earth... I think that will be on a beautiful Beach with a lot of Kyokushin people.
Many thanks to Beathe Hegerland for the interesting interview, for the opportunity to meet with the Norwegian Kyokushin. We wish her success in competitions and coaching! OSU!
Photo: Courtesy of Beathe Hegerland