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"Russian Kyokushin build fights based on power. Japanese based on technique"

Artur Hovhannisyan
Great Arthur Hovhannisyan has been living in Japan for a long time, where he opened his own dojo and travels the world with master classes. We asked him about life in Japan, about the 100-man kumite and about the difference of cultures.
Tell about your dojo. Is this place popular? How many students are there? What else do people come to you other than Kyokushin?
— I don't know about popular, but I think it is a place where everyone enjoying their training. As you might know I also do CrossFit, so some people come to Kawaguchi Dojo to get fit.
Kawaguchi Dojo
Previously, you had a dream to open your own dojo. It came true. What are you dreaming about now?
— I can't tell that this is a my dream, but my goal now to see someone from Kawaguchi Dojo on World Tournament stage.
Does your attitude to 100-man kumite change over the years? Do you analyze your test?
— My attitude doesn't change and I don't analyze. But of course I use that experience in my daily teachings.
In Russia, a large number of strong fighters, but only you and Tariel Nikoleishvili managed to go 100-man kumite. Why is that?
— To get permission for 100-man kumite you have to win some big tournaments like All Japan Tournament or World Tournament. Than of course your willing to do it.
You have been living in Japan for more than 10 years. What does your everyday life consist of outside the dojo?
— I'm spending all my time with my family.
Kyokushin Family
Do you travel a lot in Japan? What places do you remember most?
— So many beautiful places in Japan! My favorite is Kyoto.
Kyoto Kyokushin
What do you like most about Japanese culture and what is its main difference from Russian and Armenian?
— I'll skip this question. Because the way of thinking itself very different, and obviously it's influence to everything.
What is common and what is the difference between Russian and Japanese Kyokushin?
— My opinion: Russian Kyokushin (European also) build fights based on power. Japanese based on technique.
At what level is your Japanese?
— I think beginner level :)
Now you are taking part in the All Russian Summer camp of RNKKF. How often do you attend such gatherings in Russia and other countries?
— As often as necessary, to spread the knowledge of the IKO Honbu to all those who wish to learn
Are there already among your students those who are able to repeat your successes?
— We working on it :)
Kyokushin Kids
It is a great honor for us to ask questions to such a famous master. In coaching and management, we wish Arthur to achieve the same success as in a sports career! OSU!
Photo: Courtesy of Artur Hovhannisyan